Dear Customers

Welcome to my restaurant, “Yothai”.


My name is Yothin Phuphuak and I’ve been working as a chef for over 25 years.

After years working in important restaurants in Bangkok, I moved to Spain to work in some of the best Thai restaurants in the capital. 

After more than 15 years in Madrid, in 2018 I opened my own restaurant with the hope of making a dream come true. To make the dishes of an elite cuisine known to everyone, without having to pay high prices.

My passion is to turn old traditions of my country into unique flavour experiences for my customers.

I invite you to visit us and enjoy the delights of Thailand in this cozy family restaurant.

In our premises we have a bar where you can enjoy our tapas for free with every drink.

We have individual tables and areas for groups.

And a private room for your celebrations or events, even with karaoke if you request it.